Our Secret

You precisely need to be aware of the local situation to implement good projects and direct help. Associated Indian bishops are our best "field workers". They exactly know about the local circumstances and are very close to the actual situation. They also enjoy an excellent reputation and work in good cooperation with construction workers, teachers and trainers.

Additionally Prelate Rolf Linse travels to India from time to time at his own expense and inspects completed projects and their book-keeping and looks for possible new projects.

This support achieves an implementation of development aid with dignity and establishes power and pride of all involved people.

You couldn't drink any coffee, eat any chocolate or banana, use any spices if people in the so-called "Third World" wouldn't produce these products.

In Europe, none of those foods grow!

Often plantation workers are exploited and have to work for very low wages. The nonprofit association TransFair tries to establish to a fair trade with the so-called "Third World". The products they sell (coffee, tea, cocoa and others) are therefore a bit more expensive, but you may rest assured that the plantation workers at the end of this long chain of trade get fair wages.

Indienhilfe Bottroper Realschüler has transferred more than 3 millions Euro to India. Because the buying power is about 15 times greater than in Germany, much could be achieved.