About Us

Together with Prelate Rolf Linse German pupils from Bottrop organise development aid for disabled persons in distant India.

Our help is independent, permanent and reliable since 1972. Its target is the autonomy of the Indian project partners. Additionally, necessary education of disabled persons is supported. Origin, religion or the kind of handicap do not matter in that case. Solely the development project and its urgency are important.

The pupils have been led to the development aid already as adolescents and have supported the Indian projects for more than 37 years.

We are working without any administration costs and therefore provide direct help. The financial help directly goes without any administrative charges via the "Bank im Bistum Essen" to associated Indian bishops for local distibution!

This kind of help is unique and provides the best possible benefit for helpers and our project. At the beginning there was the idea:

Opulence of the rich countries for the poor ones.

According to our understanding, the following principle counts in the actual capital-oriented economy:

Poor is not the one who owns too little, but the one who can't get enough.