Areas of Activities

We are engaged in 4 areas of activities:

  1. Education of disabled persons

    The education of people with any sort of disability constitutes the main focus of our aid. Physically handicapped, deaf, blind, or mentally disabled persons are accommodated in professional training schools.

  2. Education

    In India there is indeed a compulsory school attendance but there are still not enough schools. So our second area of activities is to make school attendance possible for children of poor families. By now, 8 schools and 10 boarding schools were built.

  3. Medical care

    The construction of hospitals enables medical care for poor people. Until now, 2 clinics, 6 medical treatment rooms, 1 hospital wing, a medicine factory and a house for foreign patients were built.

  4. Education of sisters and priests

    Since all our projects are under Catholic sponsorship, we fund the education of sisters and the studies of seminarians.